Freitag, 29. Januar 2021

Schweinbarther Bahn 0408, Ungehorsam Digital Null ÖVP

20. 01. 21, 12 Uhr 0408 Tage
Ungehorsam Schweinbarther Bahn nur ÖC
Ungehorsam Digitaler Stempel
We Home PCT Thruhiker Garmin are future zero
contact do what you want but only 3 euros
Sinn u Useless Expensive Etrex from 80 euros then
already cell phone instead of watch 500 euros it burns
... with without Garmin watch Oregon Etrex and TC ...
Raceresult event only 3 Euro entry fee Brennt
Ö Card'der environmental protection
0 Cent car drive
and digital stamping only app instead
of only guide stamp he burns

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